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from zipfile import ZipFile
from StringIO import StringIO
def to_utf8(s):
if isinstance(s, unicode):
s = s.encode('utf-8')
return s
class XPIManager(object):
An XPI reader and management class. Allows fun things like reading,
listing, and extracting files from an XPI without you needing to
worry about things like zip files or IO.
def __init__(self, package, mode="r", name=None, subpackage=False):
"Create a new managed XPI package"
self.zf = ZipFile(package, mode=mode)
# Store away the filename for future use.
self.filename = name or package
self.extension = self.filename.split(".")[-1]
self.subpackage = subpackage
self.contents_cache = None
def __iter__(self):
return (name for name in self.zf.namelist())
def __contains__(self, item):
return item in self.zf.namelist()
def info(self, name):
"""Get info on a single file."""
return self.package_contents()[name]
def package_contents(self):
"Returns a dictionary of file information"
if self.contents_cache:
return self.contents_cache
# Get a list of ZipInfo objects.
files = self.zf.infolist()
out_files = {}
# Iterate through each file in the XPI.
for file_ in files:
file_doc = {"name": file_.filename,
"size": file_.file_size,
"name_lower": file_.filename.lower()}
file_doc["extension"] = file_doc["name_lower"].split(".")[-1]
out_files[file_.filename] = file_doc
self.contents_cache = out_files
return out_files
def read(self, filename):
"Reads a file from the archive and returns a string."
data =
return data
def write(self, name, data):
"""Write a blob of data to the XPI manager."""
if isinstance(data, StringIO):
self.zf.writestr(name, data.getvalue())
self.zf.writestr(name, to_utf8(data))
def write_file(self, name, path=None):
"""Write the contents of a file from the disk to the XPI."""
if path is None:
path = name
self.zf.write(path, name)
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