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@thomcc thomcc released this Jan 9, 2019 · 816 commits to master since this release

0.13.0 (2019-01-09)

Full Changelog


What's New

  • Upgraded openssl to 1.1.1a (#474)

What's Fixed

  • Fixed issue where backtraces were still enabled, causing crashes on some android devices (#509)
  • Fixed some panics that may occur in corrupt databases or unexpected data. (#488)


What's New


What's fixed

  • Autocomplete no longer returns more results than requested (#489)


Deprecated or Breaking Changes

  • Deprecated the reset method, which does not perform any useful action (it clears sync metadata, such as last sync timestamps and the mirror table). Instead, use the new wipeLocal method, or delete the database file. (#497)

What's New

  • Added the wipeLocal method for deleting all local state while leaving remote state untouched. (#497)
  • Added ensureLocked / ensureUnlocked methods which are identical to lock/unlock, except that they do not throw if the state change would be a no-op (e.g. they do not require that you check isLocked first). (#495)
  • Added an overload to unlock and ensureUnlocked that takes the key as a ByteArray. Note that this is identical to hex-encoding (with lower-case hex characters) the byte array prior to providing it to the string overload. (#499)

What's Fixed

  • Clarified which exceptions are thrown in documentation in cases where it was unclear. (#495)
  • Added @Throws annotations to all methods which can throw. (#495)
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