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@thomcc thomcc released this Feb 1, 2019

0.15.0 (2019-02-01)

Full Changelog


What's New

  • A new megazord was added, named fenix-megazord. It contains the components for FxA and Places (and logging). (#585)
    • Note: To use this, you must be on version 0.3.1 of the gradle plugin.


What's Fixed

  • Fix an issue where unexpected errors would become panics. (#593)
  • Fix an issue where syncing with invalid credentials would be reported as the wrong kind of error (and cause a panic because of the previous issue). (#593)


What's New

  • New method on PlacesConnection (breaking change for classes implementing PlacesAPI): fun matchUrl(query: String): String?. This is similar to queryAutocomplete, but only searches for URL and Origin matches, and only returns (a portion of) the matching url (if found), or null (if not). (#595)

What's Fixed

  • Autocomplete will no longer return an error when asked to match a unicode string. (#298)

  • Autocomplete is now much faster for non-matching queries and queries that look like URLs. (#589)


What's New

  • It is now possible to know whether a profile avatar has been set by the user. (#579)

Breaking Changes

  • The avatar accessor from the Profile class in the Swift framework now returns an optional Avatar struct instead of a String. (#579)
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