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At Mozilla we use a lot of special terms that mean specific, non-obvious things to those who aren't familiar with them. This document attempts to define those terms.

.. glossary::

      An "orange" refers to a test that fails intermittently.  They are called
      "oranges" because they turn our status reporting orange.  View current
      `list of "oranges" <>`_

   pull request
      A term for a request on GitHub to merge some changes into a codebase.
      Pull requests are the primary place where code review happens for GitHub

      Abbreviation for a request to review a piece of code.

      Abbreviation for passing a code review. In some cases, the r+ is
      conditional on additional changes being made, but subsequent
      review is not necessary after making them.

      Abbreviation for failing a code review. This usually means that more
      work is needed rather than rejecting the code outright. After the
      requested changes are made, another code review is required.