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sources = files/base/
# test locations can be empty to specify a local
# path on the device or can be a url to specify
# a web server.
remote = %(webserver_url)s
nytimes = files/ep1/nytimes/
iterations = 8
# The iterations for a test are terminated early if
# the standard error falls below stderrp_accept
stderrp_accept = 0.10
# The iterations for a test are rejected if the standard
# error exceeds stderrp_reject.
stderrp_reject = 50
# The iterations for a test are retried up to
# stderrp_attempts if they are rejected.
stderrp_attempts = 2
buildtypes = opt
platforms = android-api-16
job_name = Autophone Throbber
job_symbol = t
group_name = Autophone
group_symbol = A
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