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A Ludicrous Pace Tutorial

Want to try awsbox? There are a couple things you have to do:

0. npm install awsbox

1. Create an AWS account and put your AWS_ID and AWS_SECRET in corresponding environment variables.

2. Add an .awsbox.json file to your project that specifies what processes to run

  "processes": [ "server.js" ]

3. add awsbox to your package.json as a dev dependency

"devDependencies": {
  "awsbox": "*"

4. set up your server to bind localhost and defer to the environment for PORT

app.listen(process.env['PORT'] || 3000, '');

5. Create a VM

$ node_modules/.bin/awsbox create -n myvm

6. Deploy your code

$ git push myvm HEAD:master

7. Check out your handiwork!

Visit http://<my ip address> in your web browser.