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Support multi-level DNS names within a hosted zone #118

rfk opened this Issue · 2 comments

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If you try to add a DNS entry like this:

awsbox create -d

Than awsbox fails with ERRORE FATALE: updating DNS: The domain name/zoneId you specified was not found.

It seems to be looking for a r53 Hosted Zone named "". We don't have one of those, rather we use a single zone "" for hosting all the various subdomains.

It would be great if awsbox could try each domain suffix in turn until it finds one, e.g. look for, then, before erroring out.


/cc @seanmonstar who was having trouble with this today


The other option is that we create individual * Hosted Zones for each subdomain we want to use, but bleh...

@chilts chilts closed this in #119
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