Failed to describe security groups #121

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I just tried to follow the instructions in the tutorial and I get the following error: ERRORE FATALE: failed to describe security groups: An internal error has occurred

I just went to and created a security group called "awsbox" and this fixed the problem. Do I need to keep this group? What permissions should it have?

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Failed to describe security groups #14


@aexmachina is this still happening? Am just wondering since "an internal error has occurred" seems like a message from the EC2 API, not from awsbox. Perhaps if there is a failure, we could re-try.

From what I understand, if the group didn't exist, awsbox would try and create it. I think it failed here. And of course, now you've added a group, it doesn't try.

As for what permissions to give it, just give it any you need for the instance you're creating. ie. if you need to allow various ports (e.g. 80, 443) etc or communication from other instances in your account.

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