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Consider supporting npm install -g awsbox #71

ryanseys opened this Issue · 4 comments

3 participants


Rather than calling the executable from node_modules, allow a global installation of the executable?


This is true. I spoke too soon. Considering you don't want things to break on upgrade, should you then not suggest they save their devDependency with version "*"? I realize that --save-dev will save the dependency in package.json with a "~0.x.x" version number but this isn't initially suggested when they run npm install awsbox.

If installation is local to the package to prevent things from breaking in the future, I would suggest they save their dependencies with a version number rather than "*".


I realize I'm now just nitpicking but it was unclear as to why -g is not suggested or mentioned.


You could also opt for an apporach similar to grunt.js. They have split their command line interface and tools to prevent stuff from breaking. It's the best of both worlds imho.

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