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awsbox sometimes doesn't tear down DNS #73

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Had some trouble tearing down the translate environment this afternoon, @lloyd suspected it was an awsbox DNS bug:

jareds-partybus-2:mozilla-browserid jhirsch$ ./scripts/deploy.js destroy translate
awsbox cmd: node_modules/.bin/awsbox destroy translate
trying to destroy VM for translate: failed: no such vm

Meanwhile, I saw the entry in the list of active awsbox nodes:

jareds-partybus-2:mozilla-browserid jhirsch$ ./scripts/deploy.js list
awsbox cmd: node_modules/.bin/awsbox list


  translate {i-60be6301}:, c1.medium, launched 6 days ago


So I used the ID, which unset the DNS, curiously enough:

jareds-partybus-2:mozilla-browserid jhirsch$ ./scripts/deploy.js destroy i-60be6301
awsbox cmd: node_modules/.bin/awsbox destroy i-60be6301
trying to destroy VM for i-60be6301: done
trying to remove git remote: failed: no such remote
trying to remove DNS:
deleting done

I'm onto this once I get some stuff happening with Route53 using awssum - this'll be next. :dancers:

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