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This adds the new CLI tool, reaper.js which is meant to be run as a cronjob every hour. Right now it has a fixed schedule of reaping boxes that are 1 week old unless:

  • AWSBOX_SPAREME ec2 tag is present. This will add an additional week of life to the AWSBOX.
  • AWSBOX_NOKILL ec2 tag is present. These will be always spared from the reaper. Should be used sparingly.

The reaper will also sending warning messages. The first warning 48 hours before and the final warning 24 hours before.

Also adds these awsbox commands:

  • awsbox list-awsboxes - prints a list of all EC2 instances tagged with AWSBOX
  • awsbox spareme <instanceid> - adds the AWSBOX_SPAREME tag to the instance
  • awsbox nokill <instanceid> - adds the AWSBOX_NOKILL tag to the instance

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lloyd Jan 27, 2014


is this approach dead? 🎻


lloyd commented Jan 27, 2014

is this approach dead? 🎻

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