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Running without Docker Compose

Generally, this is only done in production. For local development, Docker Compose is always recommended.

Creating a database

Balrog's database is controlled through sqlalchemy-migrate. To initialize a new Balrog database, run the following:

docker run --entrypoint python mozilla/balrog /app/scripts/ -d DBURI create

Similarly, to upgrade the schema of an existing Balrog database, run the following:

docker run --entrypoint python mozilla/balrog /app/scripts/ -d DBURI upgrade

See the "Environment Variables" section below for DBURI format. If your testing out local changes that affect database creation or upgrades, you should replace "mozilla/balrog" with your local image.

Environment Variable

The following environment variables are required by the Balrog WSGI apps:

  • DBURI - The database to use, in the format: driver://user:password@host/database.
  • SECRET_KEY - A pseudorandom string to use when generating CSRF tokens. Only used for the admin app.

These are optional:

  • LOG_LEVEL - Controls the python level the app logs at. Set to INFO by default.
  • LOG_FORMAT - Controls the log format. If unset, mozlog format (json) will be used. Can be overridden with "plain" to log simple plain-text messages. The former is recommended for production, the latter for local development.
  • NOTIFY_TO_ADDR - An address to send an e-mail to if a Rule or Permission changes. Unset by default, and only used for the admin app. If set, the following additional variables are required:
    • SMTP_HOST, SMTP_PORT, SMTP_USERNAME, SMTP_PASSWORD - Information about the SMTP relay to send mail through.
    • NOTIFY_FROM_ADDR - The "from" address to use when sending mail.