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Developing on Bedrock

Writing URL Patterns

URL patterns should be as strict as possible. It should begin with a ^ and end with /$ to make sure it only matches what you specifiy. It also forces a trailing slash. You should also give the URL a name so that other pages can reference it instead of hardcoding the URL. Example:

url(r'^channel/$', channel, name='')

Bedrock comes with a handy shortcut to automate all of this:

from mozorg.util import page
page('channel', 'mozorg/channel.html')

You don't even need to create a view. It will serve up the specified template at the given URL (the first parameter). You can also pass template data as keyword arguments:

page('channel', 'mozorg/channel.html', latest_firefox=product_details.LATEST_FIREFOX)

The variable latest_firefox will be available in the template.

Writing Views

You should rarely need to write a view for Most pages are static and you should use the page expression documented above.

If you need to write a view and the page has a newsletter signup form in the footer (most do), make sure to handle this in your view. Bedrock comes with a function for doing this automatically:

from mozorg.util import handle_newsletter
from django.views.decorators.csrf import csrf_exempt

def view(request):
    ctx = handle_newsletter(request)
    return l10n_utils.render(request, 'app/template.html', ctx)

You'll notice a few other things in there. You should use the l10n_utils.render function to render templates because it handles special l10n work for us. Since we're handling the newsletter form post, you also need the csrf_exempt decorator.

Make sure to namespace your templates by putting them in a directory named after your app, so instead of templates/template.html they would be in templates/blog/template.html if blog was the name of your app.

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