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{# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at -#}
{% add_lang_files "firefox/new/quantum" %}
{% extends "firefox/new/base.html" %}
{# All stylesheets are loaded in extrahead to serve legacy IE basic styles #}
{% block extrahead %}
{{ super() }}
{{ css_bundle('firefox_new_scene1') }}
{% endblock %}
{% block experiments %}
{% if switch('experiment_firefox_new_scene1_fx', ['en-US']) %}
{% if v != 'y' %}
{{ js_bundle('firefox_new_scene1_fx_experiment') }}
{% elif v == 'y' %}
{{ js_bundle('firefox_new_scene1_fx_experiment_y') }}
{% endif %}
{% endif %}
{% endblock %}
{% block body_id %}firefox-new-scene1{% endblock %}
{% block messages %}
<div class="version-message-container">
<div class="content">
<p class="version-message firefox-latest">{{_('Congrats! You’re using the latest version of Firefox.') }}</p>
<p class="version-message android-old">{{_('<a href="%(url)s">Update</a> your Firefox for the latest in speed and privacy.')|format(url='')}}</p>
<p class="version-message desktop-old">{{_('<a href="%(url)s">Update</a> your Firefox for the latest in speed and privacy.')|format(url='') }}</p>
<p class="version-message firefox-pre-release">{{_('You’re using a pre-release version of Firefox.') }}</p>
<p class="version-message windows-xpvista">{{_('You’re using an insecure, outdated operating system <a href="%(url)s">no longer supported by Firefox</a>.')|format(url='') }}</p>
{% endblock %}
{% block main_content %}
<h1>{{ _('The new <strong>Firefox</strong>') }}</h1>
<h2>{{ _('Fast for good.') }}</h2>
<div class="main-download">
<div class="main-cta-wrapper">
<div class="download-button-wrapper">
{# **WARNING**
The `locale_in_transition` parameter should be used very carefully. It's included
here because this template and scene2 share a lang file, and are therefore
translated into the same list of locales. Adding this to another download button
would significantly restrict the builds of Firefox available for download.
Bug 1290962
{{ download_firefox(alt_copy=_('Download Now'), locale_in_transition=True, download_location='primary cta') }}
<div id="refresh-firefox-wrapper">
<div class="refresh-inner-wrapper">
<button class="button button-hollow button-light" type="button" id="refresh-firefox" data-interaction="Refresh Firefox" data-element-action="Firefox Desktop" data-button-name="Refresh Firefox" data-cta-position="Primary">{{ _('Refresh Firefox') }}</button>
<small><a rel="external" href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=learn-more-link">{{ _('Learn more') }}</a></small>
<p class="linux-arm-download-instructions">
{{ _('Please follow <a href="%(url)s">these instructions</a> to install Firefox.')|format(url='') }}
<ul id="other-platforms-languages-wrapper" class="small-links desktop hidden">
<li><button id="other-platforms-modal-link" type="button">{{_('Advanced install options & other platforms') }}</button></li>
<li><a href="{{ url('firefox.all') }}">{{_('Download in another language') }}</a></li>
<li><a rel="external" href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=need-help-link">{{_('Need help?')}}</a></li>
<ul class="small-links android">
<li><a href="{{ url('firefox.all', channel='android') }}">{{_('Download in another language') }}</a></li>
<li><a rel="external" href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=need-help-link">{{_('Need help?')}}</a></li>
<ul class="small-links ios">
<li><a rel="external" href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=need-help-link">{{_('Need help?')}}</a></li>
{% endblock %}
{% block additional_content %}
<aside class="newsletter-container">
<div class="content">
<div id="newsletter-subscribe">
<div class="newsletter-title">
<h3>{{ _('Keep up with<br> all things Firefox.') }}</h3>
<div class="newsletter-form-content">
{{ email_newsletter_form(include_title=False, button_class='button button-hollow', spinner_color='#fff') }}
<div id="other-platforms">
<div class="content">
<section class="section-other-platforms">
<h4>{{ _('Advanced Install Options & Other Platforms') }}</h4>
{{ download_firefox_desktop_list(force_full_installer=True) }}
<ul class="other-platforms-mobile">
<li class="android">
{{ google_play_button(extra_data_attributes={'download-location': 'other'}) }}
<li class="ios">
<a href="{{ firefox_ios_url('mozorg-fxnew_page_scene1_modal-appstore-button') }}" data-link-type="download" data-download-os="iOS" data-download-location="other">
<img src="{{ l10n_img('firefox/ios/btn-app-store.svg') }}" alt="{{ _('Download on the App Store') }}" width="152" height="45">
<section class="section-current-platform">
{# L10n: span's below are for visual formatting and line break. #}
<h4 class="heading-windows">{{_('Download Firefox <span>for Windows</span>') }}</h4>
<h4 class="heading-mac">{{_('Download Firefox <span>for macOS</span>') }}</h4>
<h4 class="heading-linux">{{_('Download Firefox <span>for Linux</span>') }}</h4>
{{ download_firefox(dom_id='download-other-platforms-modal', alt_copy=_('Download Now'), locale_in_transition=True, download_location='other') }}
{% include 'firefox/includes/schemaorg-app.html' %}
{% endblock %}
{% block js %}
{{ js_bundle('firefox_new_scene1') }}
{% endblock %}