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Update Fx0 device screenshot. Bug 1116429.
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jpetto committed Jan 8, 2015
1 parent 3eb85f5 commit 8e93e3d3a50e061f6f4296509285f29326602ee1
@@ -1848,7 +1848,7 @@ <h4 class="device-details-title">{{ _('Specifications') }}</h4>
<li class="last">
<a href="#au_fx0" class="device-thumbnail">
<img src="{{ media('/img/firefox/os/devices/smartphones/au-fx0-thumb.png') }}" alt="">
<img src="{{ media('/img/firefox/os/devices/smartphones/au-fx0-thumb.png?2015-01') }}" alt="">
<span class="device-name raw-format">{{ _('Fx0') }}</span>
<div class="availability-notice">
<span class="is-available">{{ _('Available') }}</span>
@@ -2115,7 +2115,7 @@ <h3 class="device-title">{{ _('au Fx0') }}</h3>

<div class="feature-group image">
<img src="{{ media('/img/firefox/os/devices/smartphones/au-fx0.png') }}" alt="{{ _('au Fx0') }}">
<img src="{{ media('/img/firefox/os/devices/smartphones/au-fx0.png?2015-01') }}" alt="{{ _('au Fx0') }}">

<div class="feature-group stats">
Binary file not shown.
Binary file not shown.

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