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@@ -526,7 +526,8 @@ Event types:
* ``'Loop:ChatWindowHidden'`` - User hides the chat window.
* ``'Loop:ChatWindowDetached'`` - User detaches the chat window.
* ``'Loop:IncomingConversation'`` - User has an incoming conversation. Event will have data boolean value ``conversationOpen`` set to ``true`` or ``false`` depending on if the chat window is open or not.
* ``'Loop:RoomURLCopied'`` - User clicks the email or copy buttons to share a chat URL.
* ``'Loop:RoomURLCopied'`` - User clicks the copy button to share a chat URL.
* ``'Loop:RoomURLEmailed'`` - User clicks the email button to share a chat URL.

Note: UiTour can only create a single listener that is responsible for handling all event types. It is not currently possible to listen for only specific event types.

@@ -541,6 +542,6 @@ To unbind listening for events, you can do:
Only available in Firefox 35 onward.

.. _Mozilla Central:
.. _Mozilla Central:
.. _Telemetry:
.. _FHR:

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