[fix bug 964934] Firefox Metro onboarding implementation #1759

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@pmclanahan pmclanahan and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Mar 7, 2014
@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@
latest_re = r'^firefox(?:/(?P<fx_version>%s))?/%s/$'
firstrun_re = latest_re % (version_re, 'firstrun')
whatsnew_re = latest_re % (version_re, 'whatsnew')
+win8_firstrun_re = latest_re % (version_re, 'firstrun/win8')
pmclanahan Mar 7, 2014 Member

I thought we'd decided that "firstrun" and "whatsnew" were the most specific bits, and that "win8" should come after the version... i.e. this should be win8/firstrun

alexgibson Mar 10, 2014 Member

Ah correct, I forgot to update this post our conversation. Will update, thanks!


Win8 product launch has been cancelled / postponed, so closing this PR for now until we know what to do with this page and if it can be repurposed.

@alexgibson alexgibson closed this Mar 11, 2014

Cool. I'll still add a note here that we'll have to change {{ params.page_id }} to {{ page_id }} since we've upgraded to Django 1.5.

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