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l-hedgehog commented Mar 1, 2013

New pull request using Leaflet API as described in 767767c6 and #353

  • Leaflet CDN doesn't support ssl, should I include a copy of their css/js in this repo?
  • Which tile provider to use? Appending any query strings will show a selection of some tiles, among which CloudMade and Mapbox require registration for a free quota; other providers may not support heavy usage (TOS of OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, MapQuest)

sgarrity commented Mar 7, 2013

Looks like Cloudmade is used on the Reps project (https://reps.mozilla.org/events/#/period/future/). Let's see if we can find out who set that up.


sgarrity commented Mar 7, 2013

It looks like there's a cloudmade API key over here: https://github.com/mozilla/remo/blob/master/media/js/remo/map_modal.js#L4

Let's find out who got that key and if we can use it here (or if we need another one).


sgarrity commented Mar 7, 2013

ping @glogiotatidis - do you know about the Cloudmade API key?


pmclanahan commented Mar 7, 2013

@bensternthal said he'd check into possible mapping solutions for us. Another possibility is Nokia's Here Maps.


bensternthal commented Mar 7, 2013

Note we are starting to look for alternatives to cloudmade because AFAIK we can only access it over http. This will cause problems with future ff and mixed content warning.

Ideally we could use cloudmade but at this point not sure if it is an option.

Will add more info here when we know more.


glogiotatidis commented Mar 8, 2013

@sgarrity I just registered on cloudmade's website for the key. As Ben says we're looking for alternatives due to the mixed content warning.


l-hedgehog commented Apr 1, 2013

FYI, cross-posting my Google results from a Yammer thread:

MapBox has a paid private beta for SSL service; maps.stamen.com has free SSL support but their styles are weird; MapQuest also has free SSL support for a maximum of 4000 tiles per second.


hoosteeno commented Apr 8, 2013

Also FYI, I am looking into SSL on Cloudmade (for remo, which is already instrumented with Cloudmade's maps). Perhaps this is a new feature for Cloudmade: Their page says "SSL for just $2 per million map tiles". If you're interested in what I learn please ping me. Perhaps we can standardize on this tool?


l-hedgehog commented Apr 9, 2013


Never tried searching for Cloudmade SSL service as I had this impression that we were switching away from them for this exact reason.


pmclanahan commented Apr 11, 2013

Closing until we find a good service for this. Discussion continues in bug 767767.

pmclanahan closed this Apr 11, 2013

l-hedgehog deleted the l-hedgehog:leaflet branch Nov 12, 2013

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