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The Bespin project is building a web-based code editor using the emerging HTML5 standard. The editor is easily extensible with JavaScript and can be used in your own applications. (the mozilla/ mirror is READ ONLY, synchronized from mercurial)
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browser/bookmarklet revert the logo to the old one... looks better, if not button-like Sep 27, 2010
docs release notes for 0.9a2 Sep 27, 2010
dryice Fix the plain background color in the white theme Sep 26, 2010
embedded fix the sample build "javascript" plugin which is now js_syntax Jun 29, 2010
plugins Make the cursor show up consistently in the white theme, credits to b… Oct 11, 2010
sample_plugins fix bug 562918: don't include sample plugins in the production build. Jun 17, 2010
static Remove scroll bars in the hosted editor, bug 574185 Jun 23, 2010
.hgignore adding some lines to the ignore file Jun 10, 2010
.hgtags Added tag 0.9a2 for changeset 14d3dc2fcb3b Oct 1, 2010
.reviewboardrc adding reviewboardrc so that reviewboard can find our server Apr 24, 2010
LICENSE.txt add the LICENSE file that was missing. Add a task to the pavement Oct 18, 2009 fix index file for production (had references to unnecessary things Mar 15, 2010
README.txt initial commit - making the bootstrap and pavement a little nicer than Sep 22, 2009 Allow --git to be specified when running Dec 1, 2009
dropin.json Fix the plain background color in the white theme Sep 26, 2010 bump version number for next release Oct 1, 2010
production.json building more plugins into the production build so that it functions Jun 18, 2010
requirements.txt add static to the list of requirements (needed for the dryice server) May 24, 2010 tired of dealing with unicode decoding problems which will go away Jun 30, 2010


Welcome to Bespin!

Bespin is a Mozilla Labs experiment on how to build an extensible Web code 
editor using HTML 5 technology.

Project home page:
Live system:

Thanks for downloading the code to the Bespin project. You can easily get 
Bespin's Python server running on your local Mac or Linux machine (see note 
about Windows below).

Getting Started

Contributing to Bespin

For details see:

The source repository is in Mercurial at: