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What is blushproof?

A tool to make private browsing mode more usable. Full design doc: Design doc


Sometimes people visit sites that they would be embarrassed if their family, friends, or co-workers found out. Blushproof makes it easier to avoid embarrassment by prompting the user to enter private browsing mode when they are about to load potentially embarrassing content.


  1. Prompts on potentially embarrassing searches to launch them in private browsing mode. These searches can occur from the location bar or the search bar.
  2. Prompts on visiting potentially embarrassing domains to open them in private browsing mode. These loads are hooked by nsIContentPolicy and can occur by typing the URL in the location bar or clicking links.

What's missing?

  1. A way for users to add things (domains, queries) to the blushlist.
  2. Lots of potential features from the issues page.

How can I help out?

Install blushproof.xpi, and file some bugs!

Desktop Firefox (version 20 and up) is supported. Mobile Firefox may also be supported - let us know!