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The UI repo for the buddy-up realtime support FirefoxOS app
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Real-time Firefox OS Support

Development Workflow

First, let's install the required dependencies. From the command line, run:

$ npm install

Once the above completes, run:

$ node_modules/.bin/grunt dev

This will precompile the nunjucks templates, start up the server, and start watching for changes to either app.js or any of the templates in app/views/. If any of the templates changes, it will auto-reload them.

To reduce the amount of typing you have to do, you may consider putting the node_modules/.bin directory on your PATH. Then you can simply use grunt dev instead of specifying the full path.

To access the app via a browser, open To test on an real device, use the WebIDE built into Firefox.

You still need to run grunt prior to launching the WebIDE.


Localizations are not included by default, but are pulled from Verbatim via Sumo. To download the translations, run

$ node_modules/.bin/grunt get_localization

If all goes well, you should have one js file in app/translations/ for each supported locale. For example, the French localizations would be stored in app/translations/fr.js.



To run unit tests, we use the Gaia infrastructure.

You need to fetch Gaia and run the test server:

$ ./scripts/
$ ./scripts/

And in another shell:

$ ./scripts/


You need to follow the same procedure as for unit tests.

$ ./scripts/
$ ./scripts/

And in another shell,

$ ./scripts/
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