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Installation and Setup
Install ``buildapi`` using easy_install::
easy_install buildapi
Then install either redis or memcached:
easy_install redis
easy_install python-memcached
Make a config file as follows::
paster make-config buildapi config.ini
Tweak the config file as appropriate::
email_to = your email
port = something available, eg. 6005
update the sqlalchemy db urls and the carrot info as needed for staging/dev
# add the following lines to have your url be
use = egg:PasteDeploy#prefix
prefix = /~(username)/wsgi
Also set up your cache configuration:
buildapi.cache = redis:HOSTNAME:PORT
buildapi.cache = memcached:HOSTNAME:PORT,HOSTNAME:PORT,..
You'll need to set up some scheduler and status DB's. The schema for these
DBs are in the root directory, although you may want to fill them with test
data which is not included.
sqlite3 statusdb.sqlite3 < statusdb_schema.sql
sqlite3 schedulerdb.sqlite3 < schedulerdb_schema.sql
sqlite3 buildapi.sqlite3 < buildapi_schema.sql
To use mysql, make sure that mysql is first installed and then load the schemas.
mysql < statusdb_schema.mysql
mysql < scheduler_schema.mysql
And point the proper DB strings
Note: These mysql schemas were obtained from existing local copies of statusdb and schedulerdb, and were obtained with the commands:
mysqldump -d --databases statusdb -uroot -p > statusdb_schema.sql
mysqldump -d --databases statusdb -uroot -p > statusdb_schema.sql
Now setup the application::
paster setup-app config.ini
Edit your config.ini to add to the [app:main] section::
filter-with = proxy-prefix
Now you can start/stop your application::
paster serve --daemon config.ini
paster serve --stop-daemon
You should be able to load pages like
Installing google viz::
tar -xvf gviz_api_py-1.7.0.tar.gz
cd gviz_api_py-1.7.0
python install
python test
Now you should be able to see reports like
which use the google visualization library (make sure you have the statusdb set in your config.ini
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