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import time, uuid
def getCodesighsPlatforms():
return ('linux', 'linuxqt','linux64',
'win32', 'win64', 'macosx', 'macosx64')
def getSupportedPlatforms():
return ('linux', 'linuxqt','linux64',
'win32', 'macosx', 'macosx64',
'win64', 'android', 'b2g')
def getPlatformFtpDir(platform):
platform_ftp_map = {
'linux': 'linux-i686',
'linux64': 'linux-x86_64',
'macosx': 'mac',
'macosx64': 'mac',
'win32': 'win32',
'win64': 'win64-x86_64',
'android': 'android-r7',
return platform_ftp_map.get(platform)
def genBuildID(now=None):
"""Return a buildid based on the current time"""
if not now:
now = time.time()
return time.strftime("%Y%m%d%H%M%S", time.localtime(now))
def genBuildUID():
"""Return a unique build uid"""
return uuid.uuid4().hex
def reallyShort(name, product=None):
prefix = ''
if product != None and 'thunderbird' in product:
prefix = 'tb-'
mappings = {
'mozilla': 'm',
'central': 'cen',
'1.9.1': '191',
'1.9.2': '192',
'places': 'plc',
'electrolysis': 'e10s',
'jaegermonkey': 'jm',
'shadow': 'sh',
'mobile': 'mb',
'desktop': None,
'debug': 'dbg',
'xulrunner': 'xr',
'build': 'bld',
'linux': 'lnx',
'win32': 'w32',
'win64': 'w64',
'macosx': 'osx',
'macosx64': 'osx64',
'linux64': 'lnx64',
'android': 'andrd',
'release': 'rel',
'mochitests': 'mochi',
'mochitest': 'm',
'other': 'oth',
'browser': 'br',
'nightly': 'ntly',
'tryserver': 'try',
'cedar': 'ced',
'birch': 'bir',
'maple': 'map',
'leopard': 'leo',
'snowleopard': 'snow',
'fedora': 'fed',
'fedora64': 'fed64',
'repack': 'rpk',
'alder': 'a',
'holly': 'h',
'larch': 'l',
'accessibility': 'a11y',
'inbound': 'in',
'devtools': 'dev',
'services': 'srv',
'private-browsing': 'pb',
hyphen_seperated_words = name.split('-')
words = []
for word in hyphen_seperated_words:
space_seperated_words = word.split('_')
for word in space_seperated_words:
words.extend(word.split(' '))
new_words = []
for word in words:
if word in mappings.keys():
if mappings[word]:
return prefix + '-'.join(new_words)
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