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import re
import os.path
def buildTryChangeMessage(change, packageDir):
got_revision = revision = change.revision[:12]
who = change.who
branch = change.branch
tree = "Try"
if 'comm' in branch:
tree = "Thunderbird-Try"
packageDir = packageDir % locals()
msgdict = {"type": "plain"}
msgdict['subject'] = "%(tree)s submission %(revision)s" % locals()
msgdict['headers'] = {"In-Reply-To": "<%(branch)s-%(revision)s>" % locals(),
"References": "<%(branch)s-%(revision)s>" % locals(),
msgdict["body"] = """\
Thank you for your try submission. It's the best!
Results will be displayed on TBPL as they come in:
Once completed, builds and logs will be available at:
""" % locals()
return msgdict
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