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import re
import os.path
def buildTryCompleteMessage(attrs, packageDir, tinderboxTree):
platform = ''
task = ''
identifier = ''
who = ''
builder = attrs['builderName']
identifier = attrs['buildProperties']['identifier']
except KeyError:
identifier = 'unknown'
who = attrs['buildProperties']['who']
except KeyError:
who = 'unknown'
if 'Linux' in builder:
platform = 'linux'
elif 'OS X' in builder:
platform = 'mac'
elif 'WINNT' in builder:
platform = 'win32'
if 'unit test' in builder:
task = 'unit test'
elif 'talos' in builder:
task = 'talos'
task = 'build'
url = packageDir % locals()
if attrs['result'] == 'success':
text = """\
Your Try Server %(task)s (%(identifier)s) was successfully completed on \
%(platform)s. """ % locals()
elif attrs['result'] == 'warnings':
text = """\
Your Try Server %(task)s (%(identifier)s) completed with warnings on \
%(platform)s. """ % locals()
text = """\
Your Try Server %(task)s (%(identifier)s) failed to complete on \
%(platform)s.\n\n""" % locals()
if attrs['result'] in ('success', 'warnings') and packageDir:
text += "It should be available for download at %(url)s\n\n" % locals()
if task == 'unit test':
text += "Summary of unittest results:\n"
for log in attrs['logs']:
if 'summary' not in log[0]:
summary = ''.join(log[2]).replace('TinderboxPrint: ', '')
summary = summary.replace('<br/>', ': ')
text += '%s\n' % summary
text += '\n'
elif task == 'talos':
text += "Summary of talos results:\n"
for log in attrs['logs']:
if 'summary' not in log[0]:
for line in summary:
if '"test"' in line:
test = re.findall('>t[a-zA-Z]+: \d+\.[0-9a-zA-Z]+', line)[0]
text += '%s\n' % test
text += '\n'
text += """Visit %(tinderboxTree)s to view the full logs.""" % locals()
return (text, 'plain')
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