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Merge bug 599169 to production-0.8 branch

branch : production-0.8
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commit f5aacbc761bf5bcec919efb028d7734b8b90bc51 2 parents d830bd4 + 917589a
@bhearsum bhearsum authored
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@@ -49,8 +49,8 @@ def setBuild(self, build):
#if we are an addonTester then the addonName/addonUrl build property should be set
# if it's not set this will throw a key error and the run will go red - which should be the expected result
if self.addonTester:
- addon_prefix ='addonName')
- self.addOptions += ['--testPrefix', addon_prefix, '--extension', self.extName]
+ addon_id = os.path.basename('addonUrl'))
+ self.addOptions += ['--addonID', addon_id, '--extension', self.extName]
if self.useSymbols:
self.addOptions += ['--symbolsPath', '../symbols']
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