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bug 841898: disable pymake for comm-release. r=callek

branch : production-0.8
extra : transplant_source : %EBX%8F%3E%8D%8A%B1i%A1%12%87%85%B6%CF%8EI%BD%F0%7C%D8
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1 parent c3f3502 commit f4a2f4db4c8c42ba4941268efffaac7fd2aee965 @bhearsum bhearsum committed
Showing with 6 additions and 1 deletion.
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@@ -62,6 +62,8 @@ def normalizeName(name, product=None, min_=30, max_=30, filler='0'):
return 'zzz'
elif name == 'release-mozilla-esr17-win32_build':
return 'yyy'
+ elif name == 'release-comm-release-win32_build':
+ return 'ggg'
origName = name
prefix = ''
if product != None and 'thunderbird' in product:
@@ -147,7 +149,10 @@ def normalizeName(name, product=None, min_=30, max_=30, filler='0'):
# XXX: Remove me when esr17 is dead. Nasty hack to avoid shortening
# this branches' directories because the build system can't handle the
# padded version. Can also be removed if we manage to turn pymake on for it.
- if 'esr17' in origName:
+ # comm-release is in here because we had to turn pymake off for it in
+ # bug 841898, because we do releases for "comm-release" off of esr17
+ # and can't flip it just for those. this should be fixed before tb17.0.4 builds
+ if 'esr17' in origName or 'comm-release' in origName:
return name
if len(name) > max_:

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