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Bug 690672 - Disable coalescing for requests from self-serve; r=catlee

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1 parent 15a500f commit d32c644109661b5c6bb97bd1880b784163b1cc98 @edmorley edmorley committed
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@@ -347,6 +347,9 @@ def _nextslave(builder, available_slaves):
def mergeRequests(builder, req1, req2):
if in nomergeBuilders:
return False
+ if 'Self-serve' in req1.reason or 'Self-serve' in req2.reason:
+ # A build was explicitly requested on this revision, so don't coalesce it
+ return False
return req1.canBeMergedWith(req2)
def mergeBuildObjects(d1, d2):

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