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#! /usr/bin/env python
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
# Script name:
# Purpose: Sets mouse position and screen resolution for Windows 7 32-bit slaves
# Author(s): Zambrano Gasparnian, Armen <>
# Target: Python 2.5 or newer
from optparse import OptionParser
from ctypes import windll, Structure, c_ulong, byref
import json
import simplejson as json
import os
import sys
import urllib2
import socket
import platform
import time
default_screen_resolution = {"x": 1024, "y": 768}
default_mouse_position = {"x": 1010, "y": 10}
def wfetch(url, retries=5):
while True:
return urllib2.urlopen(url, timeout=30).read()
except urllib2.HTTPError, e:
print("Failed to fetch '%s': %s" % (url, str(e)))
except urllib2.URLError, e:
print("Failed to fetch '%s': %s" % (url, str(e)))
except socket.timeout, e:
print("Time out accessing %s: %s" % (url, str(e)))
except socket.error, e:
print("Socket error when accessing %s: %s" % (url, str(e)))
if retries < 0:
raise Exception("Could not fetch url '%s'" % url)
retries -= 1
def main():
We load the configuration file from:
parser = OptionParser()
"--configuration-url", dest="configuration_url", type="string",
help="It indicates from where to download the configuration file.")
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
if options.configuration_url == None:
print "You need to specify --configuration-url."
return 1
if not (platform.version().startswith('6.1.760') and not 'PROGRAMFILES(X86)' in os.environ):
# We only want to run this for Windows 7 32-bit
print "INFO: This script was written to be used with Windows 7 32-bit machines."
return 0
conf_dict = json.loads(wfetch(options.configuration_url))
new_screen_resolution = conf_dict["win7"]["screen_resolution"]
new_mouse_position = conf_dict["win7"]["mouse_position"]
except urllib2.HTTPError, e:
print "This branch does not seem to have the configuration file %s" % str(e)
print "Let's fail over to 1024x768."
new_screen_resolution = default_screen_resolution
new_mouse_position = default_mouse_position
except urllib2.URLError, e:
print "INFRA-ERROR: We couldn't reach %s" % str(e)
return 1
except Exception, e:
print "ERROR: We were not expecting any more exceptions: %s" % str(e)
return 1
current_screen_resolution = queryScreenResolution()
print "Screen resolution (current): (%(x)s, %(y)s)" % (current_screen_resolution)
if current_screen_resolution == new_screen_resolution:
print "No need to change the screen resolution."
print "Changing the screen resolution..."
changeScreenResolution(new_screen_resolution["x"], new_screen_resolution["y"])
except Exception, e:
print "INFRA-ERROR: We have attempted to change the screen resolution but " + \
"something went wrong: %s" % str(e)
return 1
time.sleep(3) # just in case
current_screen_resolution = queryScreenResolution()
print "Screen resolution (new): (%(x)s, %(y)s)" % current_screen_resolution
print "Mouse position (current): (%(x)s, %(y)s)" % (queryMousePosition())
setCursorPos(new_mouse_position["x"], new_mouse_position["y"])
current_mouse_position = queryMousePosition()
print "Mouse position (new): (%(x)s, %(y)s)" % (current_mouse_position)
if current_screen_resolution != new_screen_resolution or current_mouse_position != new_mouse_position:
print "INFRA-ERROR: The new screen resolution or mouse positions are not what we expected"
return 1
return 0
class POINT(Structure):
_fields_ = [("x", c_ulong), ("y", c_ulong)]
def queryMousePosition():
pt = POINT()
return { "x": pt.x, "y": pt.y}
def setCursorPos(x, y):
windll.user32.SetCursorPos(x, y)
def queryScreenResolution():
return {"x": windll.user32.GetSystemMetrics(0),
"y": windll.user32.GetSystemMetrics(1)}
def changeScreenResolution(xres = None, yres = None, BitsPerPixel = None):
import struct
DM_BITSPERPEL = 0x00040000
DM_PELSWIDTH = 0x00080000
DM_PELSHEIGHT = 0x00100000
CDS_FULLSCREEN = 0x00000004
DevModeData = struct.calcsize("32BHH") * '\x00'
DevModeData += struct.pack("H", SIZEOF_DEVMODE)
DevModeData += struct.calcsize("H") * '\x00'
dwFields = (xres and DM_PELSWIDTH or 0) | (yres and DM_PELSHEIGHT or 0) | (BitsPerPixel and DM_BITSPERPEL or 0)
DevModeData += struct.pack("L", dwFields)
DevModeData += struct.calcsize("l9h32BHL") * '\x00'
DevModeData += struct.pack("LLL", BitsPerPixel or 0, xres or 0, yres or 0)
DevModeData += struct.calcsize("8L") * '\x00'
return windll.user32.ChangeDisplaySettingsA(DevModeData, 0)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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