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Added tag FENNEC_11_0b2_BUILD1, FENNEC_11_0b2_RELEASE, FIREFOX_11_0b2…

…_BUILD1, FIREFOX_11_0b2_RELEASE for changeset cdeccf7f7fa8
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commit 77a796df239b4a704d717e5c57055b3ddf82eff6 1 parent 7ce91bb
Aki Sasaki escapewindow authored

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  1. +4 0 .hgtags
4 .hgtags
@@ -297,3 +297,7 @@ de6e9510f242a89d118dbd695b67270d023d41a1 FIREFOX_10_0esr_BUILD1
297 297 ecf1fdb1896e24c52c12685ed9d42dd336dbc8f1 FENNEC_11_0b1_BUILD1
298 298 1668c9d2c0c9072e818b765ad79ea269caddf5c4 FIREFOX_11_0b1_RELEASE
299 299 8d56d5bc82a59f1b7a4e3774d5d40c60e23648d4 FIREFOX_11_0b1_BUILD1
  300 +cdeccf7f7fa8c298378b688b6654e79fcff5df6f FENNEC_11_0b2_BUILD1
  301 +cdeccf7f7fa8c298378b688b6654e79fcff5df6f FENNEC_11_0b2_RELEASE
  302 +cdeccf7f7fa8c298378b688b6654e79fcff5df6f FIREFOX_11_0b2_BUILD1
  303 +cdeccf7f7fa8c298378b688b6654e79fcff5df6f FIREFOX_11_0b2_RELEASE

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