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no bug - disable networked unit tests. r=armenzg

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commit 25caa190d419e2e2a98319c480a8e23263ebb5df 1 parent 421bfbc
@escapewindow escapewindow authored
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@@ -65,8 +65,6 @@ rm -rf build logs
if [ $OS_TYPE != 'windows' ] ; then
echo "### Testing non-networked unit tests"
coverage run -a --branch $COVERAGE_ARGS $NOSETESTS test/test_*.py
- echo "### Testing networked unit tests"
- coverage run -a --branch $COVERAGE_ARGS $NOSETESTS test/networked/test_*.py
echo "### Running *.py [--list-actions]"
for filename in $MOZHARNESS_PY_FILES; do
coverage run -a --branch $COVERAGE_ARGS $filename
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