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Added FENNEC_10_0_2_RELEASE FENNEC_10_0_2_BUILD1 tags(s) for changese…

…t default. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release
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1 parent 3f29d21 commit 6a658e908ea2a9b5c031ade826a30954d01ac150 ffxbld committed Feb 15, 2012
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2 .hgtags
@@ -329,3 +329,5 @@ aa9e4318f1fee26f24dcb9ff2304010d11a435a9 FENNEC_11_0b3_BUILD2
b4ab8a7629e76a05ebd6b7cdbaf6e91f313ae946 FIREFOX_11_0b3_RELEASE
b997afc98d7fde18592d2237ddf7f0b38022465e FIREFOX_11_0b3_RELEASE
b997afc98d7fde18592d2237ddf7f0b38022465e FIREFOX_11_0b3_BUILD2
+63b819600adde9bea9b440993ffc2ae563653270 FENNEC_10_0_2_RELEASE
+63b819600adde9bea9b440993ffc2ae563653270 FENNEC_10_0_2_BUILD1

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