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Added tag FIREFOX_10_0b2_RELEASE for changeset default. CLOSED TREE a…

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1 parent 66d9998 commit 487bbb40e84255f707b211fe16fc2254ca2abe10 ffxbld committed Dec 28, 2011
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@@ -263,3 +263,4 @@ a2cac2d900e399dd437ed2c41aa9691936a9baac FIREFOX_9_0_BUILD1
2535090b3341e4fa577598a3732d62cbb91c5fc3 FIREFOX_10_0b1_BUILD1
be92a9addbd2f51623a8c4d32433833a5446b9fc FENNEC_10_0b2_RELEASE
7d7598bc2724bc42a94c4268d597e1421a15d4a2 FENNEC_10_0b2_BUILD1
+96cce8872dee4989e4d3709d398d729f8abbac84 FIREFOX_10_0b2_RELEASE

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