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Added tag FENNEC_10_0b6_BUILD1 for changeset default. CLOSED TREE a=r…

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1 parent 5a55325 commit c8c706fe93412db6928608f6984b8a6a5761b95e ffxbld committed
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@@ -284,3 +284,4 @@ dadcba16f19e2512de626a94d64bda1d830fea17 FENNEC_10_0b5_RELEASE
b5550083bfe179c6004bc92e3dd53cbf8ebf36dc FIREFOX_10_0b5_RELEASE
1f1de29cd3e76e1cada6fcba4ce43ecbdc0b3b5e FIREFOX_10_0b5_BUILD1
ac9bf9986aaa8b6c5485125b829412598e784aef FENNEC_10_0b6_RELEASE
+e762bff8685d98b08c15501218e45f525a35b08b FENNEC_10_0b6_BUILD1

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