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Added tag FENNEC_11_0b2_BUILD1 for changeset default. CLOSED TREE a=r…

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1 parent 6e5e0e4 commit 08692965a4b8424871bddfec3205962216d1501c ffxbld committed
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@@ -303,3 +303,5 @@ cdeccf7f7fa8c298378b688b6654e79fcff5df6f FIREFOX_11_0b2_BUILD1
cdeccf7f7fa8c298378b688b6654e79fcff5df6f FIREFOX_11_0b2_RELEASE
cdeccf7f7fa8c298378b688b6654e79fcff5df6f FENNEC_11_0b2_RELEASE
d60a75f3249c23873c3ba9b01a518d9a12025954 FENNEC_11_0b2_RELEASE
+cdeccf7f7fa8c298378b688b6654e79fcff5df6f FENNEC_11_0b2_BUILD1
+5e178f4715af2e7ddfb94f81e6bf08788564b6a0 FENNEC_11_0b2_BUILD1

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