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Added FENNEC_13_0b2_RELEASE FENNEC_13_0b2_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset…

… default. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release
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1 parent 048bd6b commit 6fe4fe9312430a3e487461aaa1f5dc9224a225da ffxbld committed May 1, 2012
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2 .hgtags
@@ -416,3 +416,5 @@ e05c8a4445a6671b8ec9c5e83a3e25d96c24c39d FENNEC_10_0_4esr_RELEASE
e05c8a4445a6671b8ec9c5e83a3e25d96c24c39d FENNEC_10_0_4esr_BUILD2
cd03a076e2962631e9900d9777e294f98685c09e FENNEC_14_0b1_RELEASE
cd03a076e2962631e9900d9777e294f98685c09e FENNEC_14_0b1_BUILD1
+88494bc5d1169e897f9a65de3039a226582e7e0f FENNEC_13_0b2_RELEASE
+88494bc5d1169e897f9a65de3039a226582e7e0f FENNEC_13_0b2_BUILD1

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