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Added FENNEC_16_0_2_RELEASE FENNEC_16_0_2_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset…

… default. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release
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1 parent bdc1089 commit d036f2cfa5fc4339761a8a5efbdcd3ba6efc84f2 ffxbld committed Oct 24, 2012
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2 .hgtags
@@ -739,3 +739,5 @@ ada6e6949b9b552c23e3ccab467e8710107e9e12 FENNEC_17_0b2_BUILD2
6e9aab653f250f196206035a4ede2ecf85c9c613 FENNEC_17_0b3_BUILD1
c5757c4f0b761b12ec1fa61c5a0e92413599ffd5 FIREFOX_17_0b3_RELEASE
c5757c4f0b761b12ec1fa61c5a0e92413599ffd5 FIREFOX_17_0b3_BUILD1
+f10551adbb64fab22f263a5f790269083f91d216 FENNEC_16_0_2_RELEASE
+f10551adbb64fab22f263a5f790269083f91d216 FENNEC_16_0_2_BUILD1

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