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Added FENNEC_18_0b7_RELEASE FENNEC_18_0b7_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset…

… default. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release
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1 parent 0e648d3 commit 5659a76672debafaa9d995af9c06888eae606c51 ffxbld committed Dec 31, 2012
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2 .hgtags
@@ -839,3 +839,5 @@ f6fd93d1fe7b9d0062cb61e3bf6bd582b5cb71f6 FENNEC_18_0b5_BUILD1
35f1a115a5f032d5b0fff86a3880c9bb7ad76c9e FENNEC_18_0b6_BUILD1
3ea7604bcfb5c3caf3b3f4ef5c2f5dc1dfac36af FIREFOX_18_0b6_RELEASE
3ea7604bcfb5c3caf3b3f4ef5c2f5dc1dfac36af FIREFOX_18_0b6_BUILD1
+b84f6c153271992df7fac2ad4da6e597898018a9 FENNEC_18_0b7_RELEASE
+b84f6c153271992df7fac2ad4da6e597898018a9 FENNEC_18_0b7_BUILD1

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