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Added FIREFOX_15_0_1_RELEASE FIREFOX_15_0_1_BUILD1 tag(s) for changes…

…et default. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release
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1 parent e74aae5 commit 9a86a72e0b6fbb4654a3efd6cb2ff7abe319c860 ffxbld committed Sep 5, 2012
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2 .hgtags
@@ -660,3 +660,5 @@ f9028104a15ca485262801a934510313f2cb1a40 FIREFOX_16_0b1_BUILD1
9b7b86317b81c7d4d0d38198fc0f008765304d63 FIREFOX_16_0b2_BUILD1
6f4e4f4f073fc050037b45779a2d9e0967bdf133 FENNEC_15_0_1_RELEASE
6f4e4f4f073fc050037b45779a2d9e0967bdf133 FENNEC_15_0_1_BUILD1
+ee340d60a997f8e674583799efbf4deb7128afc4 FIREFOX_15_0_1_RELEASE
+ee340d60a997f8e674583799efbf4deb7128afc4 FIREFOX_15_0_1_BUILD1

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