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Added tag FENNEC_7_0_1_RELEASE for changeset default. CLOSED TREE a=r…

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1 parent 78f7593 commit 55aa660c77453221db55ea02eb80f5412e277f42 ffxbld committed Sep 28, 2011
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@@ -57,3 +57,4 @@ dbab8437534968745049f707773080ae0fa4b67f FENNEC_7_0_RELEASE
afcbb69d201245014c8e4305770618808d518383 FIREFOX_7_0_RELEASE
1191431ac506943364c075a4ad759293bacf541d FIREFOX_7_0_RELEASE
e0874aac95de9065e316f5ab3738397bdb56a0ff FIREFOX_7_0_BUILD2
+5543c9f427ba59859d84b912f2643dbabdb0b03d FENNEC_7_0_1_RELEASE

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