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# the keys in this file are documented in
# if you add a new key here, add it to the wiki as well!
# We use config rather than settings because "settings" is a magic class
class config {
include config::secrets
$puppet_notif_email = extlookup("puppet_notif_email")
$data_server = extlookup("data_server")
$data_servers = extlookup("data_servers")
$puppet_servers = extlookup("puppet_servers")
# use a random puppet master if pupper_server is not defined
$random_puppet_server = template("config/calculate-random-puppet-server.erb")
# Use randmom puppet server from puppet_servers if it's set to <<RANDOM>>
if extlookup("puppet_server") == "<<RANDOM>>" {
$puppet_server = $random_puppet_server
} else {
$puppet_server = extlookup("puppet_server")
$builder_username = extlookup("builder_username")
$nrpe_allowed_hosts = extlookup("nrpe_allowed_hosts")
$ntp_server = extlookup("ntp_server")
$relay_domains = extlookup("relay_domains")
$ganglia_config_class = extlookup("ganglia_config_class", "")
$crl_sync_url= extlookup("crl_sync_url", "")
$puppet_again_repo = extlookup("puppet_again_repo")
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