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You'll need to download some software onto your Windows machine before running
these performance tests:

  * Python 2.4
    The scripts all run from Python 2.4.  You will need the windows version
    (not the cygwin version).  You can download it here:

    Make sure to correctly set the path to python in the file.

    After you download and install Python 2.4, you'll need to install
    some extensions:

      * Python Win32 Extensions
        These extensions provide some support for process management and
        performance monitoring.

  * Apache HTTP Server
    Found at
    The page cycler works on a local Apache server.  After installing Apache simply place
    the page_load_test/ directory into htdocs/ directory of Apache (found on most systems
    at c:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs)

  1. Make sure the prerequisites, above, are installed.
  2. Copy this entire directory and all subdirectories onto your local disk
  3. Edit the file to set the paths to Cygwin, Firefox, etc. on your 
  4. Create a YAML config file with info about the profiles you want to test.
     NOTE: You should set the preferences network.proxy.type:1, network.proxy.http:localhost and 
     network.proxy.http_port:80 - these settings ensure that the browser will only
     contact local web pages and will not attempt to pull information from the live web,
     this is important for collecting consistant testing results.
     It should look something like this:

# Filename will be appended to the timestamp in the report filename.
# Use letters and underscores only
filename: testfilename

# The title of the report
title: testtitle

# Name of profile to test
Test profile 1:
  # Path to Firefox to test
  firefox: C:\cygwin\tmp\test\firefox\firefox\firefox.exe

  branch: testbranch

  branchid: testbranchid

  profile_path: C:\win32\base_profile

  # Preferences to set in the test (use "preferences : {}" for no prefs)
  preferences : : false
    dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows : true
    dom.disable_open_during_load: false
    browser.dom.window.dump.enabled: true
    network.proxy.type : 1
    network.proxy.http : localhost
    network.proxy.http_port : 80

  # Extensions to install in test (use "extensions: {}" for none)
  extensions :
    # Need quotes around guid because of curly braces
    "{12345678-1234-1234-1234-abcd12345678}" : c:\path\to\unzipped\xpi : c:\path\to\other\unzipped\xpi

  5. Provide a pages/ directory
     The page_load_test/ relies upon having a pages directory that includes the web pages
     to be cycled through.  Each directory in pages/ should be a given web page.  
     The parray.js file needs to be edited to reflect the list of index pages of the web pages 
     that are to be tested - it is currently full of a sample list.

  6. Run "python" with the name of your config file as an argument. You can use
     a space-separated list of config files, to generate a report of startup and page load times. 

     This directory contains the JavaScript files and html data files for the
     page load test. The page load test opens a new window and cycles through
     loading each html file, timing each load.
     This directory contains the JavaScript to run the startup test.  It
     measures how long it takes Firefox to start up.
     This directory contains the base profile used for testing.  A copy of
     this profile is made for each testing profile, and extensions or prefs
     are added according to the test_configs array in  For the
     page load test to run correctly, the hostperm.1 file must be set to allow
     scheme:file uris to open in new windows, and the pref to force a window
     to open in a tab must not be set.  The dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows
     pref should also be set to true.  The
     pref should be set to false.
     This file should be configured to run the test on different machines,
     with different extensions or preferences.  See setup above.
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