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Bug 635150 - Some release builders are shown in Regular Clobbers tabl…

…e. r=bhearsum
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1 parent eff7501 commit ecfebd55fdf5aff8fac3a3161ef39df98a924af6 @rail rail committed Feb 18, 2011
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@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ action=$2 # check or push
branch=$(basename $($JSONTOOL -k properties.branch $PROPERTIES_FILE))
builder=$($JSONTOOL -k properties.buildername $PROPERTIES_FILE)
-builddir=$($JSONTOOL -k properties.builddir $PROPERTIES_FILE)
+slavebuilddir=$($JSONTOOL -k properties.slavebuilddir $PROPERTIES_FILE)
slavename=$($JSONTOOL -k properties.slavename $PROPERTIES_FILE)
master=$($JSONTOOL -k properties.master $PROPERTIES_FILE)
releaseConfig=$($JSONTOOL -k properties.release_config $PROPERTIES_FILE)
@@ -34,10 +34,10 @@ fi
cd $SCRIPTS_DIR/../..
$PYTHON $SCRIPTS_DIR/clobberer/ -s scripts -s buildprops.json \
- $CLOBBERER_URL $branch $builder $builddir $slavename $master
+ $CLOBBERER_URL $branch $builder $slavebuilddir $slavename $master
$PYTHON $SCRIPTS_DIR/buildfarm/maintenance/ \
- -s 0.3 -n info -n 'rel-*' -n $builddir
+ -s 0.3 -n info -n 'rel-*' -n $slavebuilddir
cd $workdir
$PYTHON $MY_DIR/ -c $branchConfig -r $releaseConfig \

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