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Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b11_BUILD3 for changeset 9b224e75a70c

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1 parent b2c0cda commit 828e140945aba5334613f2621e1763623a259323 @jhford jhford committed
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@@ -272,3 +272,4 @@ d1c7b7408fa6dc2b8074060c844576918a7b2ebb FIREFOX_3_5_17_BUILD1
6d7600561b30bcbb3b86e4027d8ded8fac952872 FIREFOX_4_0b11_RELEASE
200e1224ca87edf87a35d8e2a1b40a75a019d772 FIREFOX_4_0b11_RELEASE
b1140d879eb48f4cfadecb6cf2640a4589c2734b FIREFOX_4_0b11_BUILD2
+9b224e75a70c89a6c471989fdda98cd2e7a854d1 FIREFOX_4_0b11_BUILD3

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