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tag: FIREFOX_7_0_1_…
Commits on Oct 4, 2011
  1. bug 690464 r=aki update reboot_tegra() to use snmp

    Mike Taylor authored
  2. @ccooper
  3. @ccooper
Commits on Oct 3, 2011
  1. Bug 688995 - BumpFilePath() produces incorrect results when newVersio…

    John Hopkins authored
    …n contains oldVersion. r=nthomas
Commits on Sep 30, 2011
  1. @djmitche


    djmitche authored
  2. @djmitche
  3. @bhearsum
Commits on Sep 29, 2011
  1. bug 688722 r=aki adjust foopy helper scripts to match latest sut_tool…

    Mike Taylor authored
    … devicemanager code update
  2. bug 690464 r=dustin update sentrypdu code to work with firmware issue…

    Mike Taylor authored
    … for newest pdu
  3. @catlee
Commits on Sep 28, 2011
  1. @lsblakk

    Added tag FIREFOX_7_0_1_BUILD1, FIREFOX_7_0_1_RELEASE, FENNEC_7_0_1_B…

    lsblakk authored
    …UILD1, FENNEC_7_0_1_RELEASE for changeset 27ff0d16eb7f
  2. @bhearsum

    Added tag FIREFOX_8_0b1_RELEASE, FIREFOX_8_0b1_BUILD1, FENNEC_8_0b1_R…

    bhearsum authored
    …ELEASE, FENNEC_8_0b1_BUILD1 for changeset f8295ac8e98c
Commits on Sep 26, 2011
Commits on Sep 23, 2011
  1. bug 687555, 684871 - update dashboard for new tegras and also to add …

    Mike Taylor authored
    …tracking of stalled tegra reboots
  2. bug 648114 (means of pushing sendchanges from amo to addons perf test…

    Alice Nodelman authored
    … pool) version #3 of trigger.cgi p=anodelman r=jmaher
Commits on Sep 22, 2011
  1. @lsblakk
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