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0.3 Release, "Breakfast Club" - April 10, 2012
609 Add configuration that includes all plugins
604 [Meta] Install 0.3 on
634 Need a way to set options on Popcorn
639 Create music video template
653 Saving doesn't work twice.
652 Simple URL replacement in Cornfield
650 Fix publish path
648 Dialogs need relative paths
647 Fix media element loading edgecase
646 Give editors own comm lib
643 Make cornfield's root file-serve path configurable
637 Fix positioning of butter-media-highlight
622 cornfield server should run by default, not simple node server
641 Editor module should auto-add editors from config
642 Update Popcorn submodule
596 replace Layla as default video
631 In-editor update of trackevent does not update the corresponding view
621 Server needs mongoose to run
626 Firefox textbox elements don't have proper height in dialogs
557 Fix import in test/selenium/
616 Fix UI/Asset directory structure
598 Ability to turn Logger off
431 Common CSS for Dialogs
615 Remove cornfield/publish.js from repo
601 Test template exclude browser ID on publish
610 Fix inline-block inconsistency with Google Chrome on header buttons
611 Fix final lint errors
597 Published projects don't work
594 Bring cornfield tests back up to par
603 Turn off Media UI when butter.ui is disabled
600 src/core/trackevents.js is accessing butter when it doesn't exist
602 Make export button yellow like the others
320 Ability to import/export popcorn code per track
605 Export buttons aren't enabled
330 Implement publish project UI
466 Save indicator
563 Remove popcorn_outer.png
536 UI for specifying/changing timeline media
534 Name your project
535 Implement load project uI
537 Make Popcorn Maker header functional
585 Header behavior tweaks
584 After importing a project, trackevents aren't clickable.
402 Plugin tray UI needs to be brought up to par
529 Scrubber position resets to 0 if you attempt to drag it from the far right
458 Protect from invalid times in trackevents
436 have write out a script tag to load BrowserID if it's not loaded
358 Add tooltip to unreadable trackevent title
579 Events are added 1 frame too early
569 PopcornWrapper breaks tests
583 Fix readme to indicate that --recursive clone is needed
364 Change HTML Generation to use Double quotes rather than single
242 generatePopcornString needs to pass options to Popcorn object
543 "When the tray shows anything other than the timeline, ""Add Popcorn"" should be ""Done""
581 have we removed the ability to delete a track?
365 HTML Generation Moves Video Containing Element to Different Spot on Page
544 Add Track button
510 Remove reference to secretrobotron's github account
462 Phantom tracks when moving an event over a droppable target
276 in/out should indicate what they are measuring
539 Vertical scroll in timeline area with mousewheel
524 Refactor Media/Track/TrackEvent structure to be more light-weight
457 Dynamically load popcorn players on-demand
252 Don't let a user commit a blank field for timeline media change
494 Pasting video URL should not fail when no HTTP
437 Port all keyboard shortcuts from Popcorn Maker .1 into Butter
467 Elegant load for tray
482 clearProject should probably remove all tracks + trackEvents as well
495 At the end of the timeline, play should restart video
525 "Amalgamate ""cancel"" and ""ok"" buttons in default editor"
530 DragNDrop on Media elements is broken
460 "Create and implement UI for ""Add Popcorn"" button"
552 importButter not recognizing event types/info
489 default editor breaks with youtube player
421 Fix linting errors
329 Up/Down arrows should move to next/prev event
514 resizing track events does not update start or end time
432 Track events can't lose focus
243 Create a rudimentary testing process
443 Butter should always reliably load
538 Confirm that single press of esc key dismisses event editors
271 Weird design bug in chrome
498 Tests fail first pass through on Chrome
441 Scubber Line Behaviour erratic.
553 `node make` doesn't work
500 Start using selenium
231 Replace Makefiles with shelljs
492 Timebar canvas is too large
301 Use the require order plugin
527 Remove plugin addition from template.js
485 trackevent timing buggy
526 Tests broken as a result of merge
506 Remove jquery and jquery-ui
218 bodyReady crashes on SVG elements
502 util/time doesn't have license header
516 Fix tests after DragNDrop broke them
481 uncaught typeError in Chrome only
461 Move editor dialogues to tray, create quick edit flow
505 Replace $sortable
94 Dragging the scrubber/a track event along the timeline does not force the timeline to scroll
490 Zooming doesn't move the scrubber
477 Dragging Footnote in template.html to the edge of track 2 causes it to disappear
455 "Stop target from ""blinking"" if mouse is dragging something"
342 We should roll out our own drag & drop
404 Clean up start-up and organization of Butter
262 Object has no method 'slider' issue still around
314 Changes to track list UI
133 "Make ""standard target"" default target"
493 If a track event is double clicked and the editor is already opened, focus the editor.
474 Update Popcorn.js to v1.2
408 Attempt to clean up timeline module
487 "Use ""on"" instead of ""listen"" for Popcorn interface"
480 Get rid of Butter instancing
488 Remove CSS checking in plugin module
348 Fix module order dependency
429 Style Guide for Source
352 Performance when zooming/moving around on timeline is slow with numerous trackevents
132 Footnote data stays in workspace preview too long
130 """Subtitle-container"" is confusing"
45 resizing page UI problem
131 Export>Preview not working
107 google maps exception in butter
105 adding tracks doesn't fire timeupdate on youtube
121 Image plugin broken on experimental branch
134 Youtube doesn't export/preview
104 Clicking New Project should re-open the start dialog
102 Hide youtube's native flash controls and annotations by default
96 Scrubber doesn't reset when time is reset
139 You should be able to set the project title when you create it
106 Youtube seek bar fires play
127 Selection needs to be turned off for Chrome
140 Track events broken in chrome
64 Reassign track representation for manual track -> DOM assignment
112 image and webpage refresh issue
72 Show one object in preview window
71 DOM Object database for tracks
70 Enable the user of arbitrary player plugins
63 Implement timeline using CSS
118 Review - Import, Export, Load, Save, CSS, Player Plugins, DOM Database, Preview Isolation
109 Wordriver plug-in start doesn't fire
69 Click & Drag plugins to create events
67 Project Details
85 what to do on a refresh
84 Remove butter.html
97 $popcorn is undefined when resizing window
92 Update AUTHORS
90 Changing url for media needs to actually change the media
66 Help Button
88 Video continues to play when red timeline bar is held
68 Remove accordion
17 Play/Pause should be controllable with the space bar.
35 Focus on one command at a time in preview pane
18 Better handles on the timeline to grab each instance of a plugin
49 UI Revamp
36 Youtube support in Butter?
22 Multiple timelines per plugin
0.2 Release, "Ghostbusters" - March 1, 2012
337 Ability to login/save/load from a cornfield server
390 Setting trackEvent out time > video duration causes issues
268 Fade in of modal dialogues far too slow
332 Ensure all player types work
427 Better UX for highlighting elements
446 Warning when closing a window dialog manually
428 Change per-file licenses
395 Butter readme should include info on submodules
454 Flash target on click, not hover
438 Tray UI should be no bigger than is necessary to accomodate 4 tracks
256 Timecodes should round to 3 decimal places
449 <style> needs to be removed for getHTML
444 Rogue Track Events appear after moving a track event
452 Template has unneeded html elements
375 Push butter up to mozilla's github account
451 Hovering over new track event does not blink it's default target
391 Creating a new trackEvent should provide a default target
448 Target should blink once when a track event is created
298 Have templates show their ID in the editor view
447 unit tests have errors
401 Timeline tracks allow track events to be position at -0.01 seconds
211 previewer should provide a getHTML function
440 Scrolling Horizontally does not move the vertical scrollbar
277 We lost different colours for plugins
388 Track Editor UI
416 Red "X" for deleting tracks
248 Need to close editor windows
420 Dialog module cleanup
413 Clicking on handle makes it jump forward
425 Polling scrubber spins too often at start
319 Ability to have a UI cue for currently edited element
423 Shouldn't be able to re-order tracks from within trackliner.
424 Zoombar is broken (exception)
280 "Media element" is confusing name for a target
392 importProject is slightly broken
418 Get rid of old and busted scraper code
366 Move code for making targets droppable into core/target
410 Change all occurrences of const to var
389 Calling preview explicitly shouldn't be necessary
351 Timeline scrolling should be triggered by mouse wheel
384 Test template file should not create default trackEvents or too many tracks
409 Dragging scrubber is off by some factor of the timelines duration
255 When collapsing timeline, playhead and play button should remain
411 spacebar for play/pause missing from new tray
405 Remove css that causes timeline media div to grow/shrink
237 Ability to seek
289 Mute button doesn't mute.
372 Default editor needs a better home
399 Track Event Selection
381 Add Tracks UI segment
368 Target object's id should reflect the element's id
397 Add play/pause and mute buttons.
335 Click on timeline to move playhead
254 Much confusion re: "Apply" and "OK"
400 Moving the playhead/scrubber while playing should mimic HTML5 behaviour
382 Right-click on slider doesn't let go on mouse up
186 Event editor should update when track events are moved
370 Click on scrollbars to move timeline
386 I cloned the latest Butter repo - no events appear on timeline
234 EventEditor chops "http:" off of webpage plugin src.
266 plugins should default to a target, not media element
305 Timeline changes from editors are slow to update in Chrome
294 Error checking only works when creating new project
275 Hard to use apostrophes
283 In edit track dialogue, buttons are weird
270 edge grabbers for events should be larger and more obvious
349 Extra default editor
257 Add .DS_Store to .gitignore
369 Draggable issues in Chrome
377 Fix Failing Core Tests
376 Upgrade libs
367 getTarget should be changed to match getMedia
378 Timeline zooming still causing resize issue in Chrome
239 Escape key should dismiss dialog windows
334 Add helper to event draggables
374 Dialog module has some poor naming conventions
311 Make zoom match timeline style
26 Timeline should be zoomable
86 hitting enter to accept plugin/track changes
350 core/media.js should access Popcorn directly
192 Editor dialogs should be non-modal
331 Crash on loading editor for certain plugins (base.manifest)
345 Get playhead to follow currentTime of video
346 Editors to use dialog module (and work at all)
236 Fix Failing Core Tests
264 Ugly scrollbars on timeline
333 Target-droppable events
336 Currentime looping causes video jitter
235 We need better names for track.js/trackevent.js
282 Editor dialogues should be draggable
263 Passing no Arguments into butter.getMedia throws an Exception
216 When butter finds data-butter="media", should check if target is a <video>
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