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@@ -9,6 +9,11 @@ Build Prerequisites
* node v0.6 or higher
* npm (comes with node v0.6 installer)
+Using Butter with Cornfield
+In order for Cornfield to operate correctly ( being able to save, load, and publish ) you will need to install mongodb. You can find a good guide to do so [here]( Before starting up you Cornfield server be sure that you have MongoDB running or else it will fail to start.
Environment Setup
@@ -19,8 +24,36 @@ Environment Setup
When updating your repo, make sure to run `node make submodules` to update Butter's submodules.
+Running Butter (with cornfield)
+* To use butter be sure to start the node server by running `node make server`.
+* Navigate to http://localhost:8888/templates/test.html to begin using Butter
+Running Butter (without cornfield)
+* Be sure to have a webserver of some sort running and navigate to butter/templates/test.html ( keep in mind you will not be able to save and load projects )
+* Run `node make` to ensure all of the css has been compiled
+* If you do not have a webserver setup you can create a temporary one by running `python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8888` inside the root of your butter directory
+* Navigate to localhost:8888 to use butter
+Before contributing a new patch be sure to run the following:
+* `node make check` to lint butter
+* run the qUnit tests in the test/ directory to be sure you broke nothing
+Getting Involved
+We have an active irc community on in the #popcorn channel, as well as a mailing list that you can subscribe to Come say hi!
* To file a bug or feature request, please use our issue-tracking lighthouse project:
* When contributing code, please issue a pull request on github, so that we can track changes with comments. Be sure to put a link to the pull request in any corresponding lighthouse tickets.
+* Be sure to change the ticket state on lighthouse to "peer-review-requested" and assign to to one of the [core developers]( for review

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