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Snazzy chat app.
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What this is

Chatspaces is a private chat app for sending messages to your contacts. It currently requires Persona for authentication.

Project Information

Current development stage

  • Adding in v.1 features and design/interface iterations for MWC (Mobile World Congress)

Features for v.1 (No new features will be added/discussed until post-MWC)

  • Search for, add, remove and block users from your contacts list
  • Ability to send animated GIFs and static images with messages via WebRTC
  • Websocket and SimplePush notification support of unread/new messages
  • The ability to send a message to multiple contacts via broadcasting

Features that may be considered/discussed for post-MWC

  • Encryption of messages
  • Adding contacts from your phonebook
  • Cordova integration
  • Authenticating through third-party services like Facebook/Twitter
  • Integration with Firefox Accounts
  • Integration with Presence
  • Third-party developer API support

Filing bugs


  • Please contact us on irc://
  • For main project questions talk to ednapiranha
  • For image generation (GIFs, static JPG), local caching questions talk to sole
  • For UX/UI/design questions talk to mhanratty or tsmuse
  • For anything else, talk to ednapiranha or wenzel

Via email

Email me at


Supported browsers

  • Firefox
  • Chrome

Installation instructions

Clone the repository

> git clone git://

Install node by using brew or through the website

Install redis via brew and make sure the server is running: redis-server &

> npm -g install nodemon bower
> cd chatspaces
> npm install
> bower install
> cp local.json-dist local.json
> npm start

Open your browser at the following URL http://localhost:3000

Resetting your database

> ./bin/resetDb.js
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