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Using the sub-modules in the gallery 0.1

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@@ -100,7 +100,17 @@ apps under tests/ directory that have the test-app.js file in it:
An early version of a developer's gallery is now part of this git repository using
git sub-modules. You may use Chromeless to launch or package these examples that
-provided in the gallery/ directory.
+provided in the gallery/ directory. In order to pull the projects from the gallery/
+, you will need to initialize and update using git submodule. Example:
+ (linux) git submodule init ./gallery/simple-text-editor
+ (win32) git submodule init .\gallery\simple-text-editor
+ (linux) git submodule update ./gallery/simple-text-editor
+ (win32) git submodule update .\gallery\simple-text-editor
+ (win32) C:\xxx\chromeless> chromeless .\gallery\simple-text-editor
+ (osx) $ ./chromeless ./gallery/simple-text-editor
## Notes and Known Issues

2 comments on commit bb40c05


davidmurdoch replied May 4, 2011

ah, so THAT is how this works. Thanks!


taboca replied May 4, 2011

Heh sorry about that. Did a personal early post on that too -- so far. Thinking this can be our labs inside labs and possibly a case we can grow this to something bigger. I am curious about your works if you have. I am doing a new loop in text-editor and the e-reader again this week.

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