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alert uncomment alert() at app load time in alert test in a try/catch block May 4, 2011
canvas_thumbnails fix canvas_thumbnails test Apr 1, 2011
child_process add a simple test of the child process module, and improve both the d… May 26, 2011
close onload event for tests Mar 27, 2011
console clean Mar 27, 2011
cookies (contributed by David Murdoch) Integrate API for accessing platform c… Apr 28, 2011
dialog_checks Adding a test case for dialogs Jun 7, 2011
dragdrop Right name to leave event May 19, 2011
favicon implement a favicon library and test. docs at http://chromeless.githu… Jan 26, 2011
file_list_dir Renamed file -> file_list_dir and new write example. Mar 29, 2011
file_picker handle cancel case in file picker test and documentation Feb 24, 2011
file_watcher port tests to new file/fs/path abstractions Feb 9, 2011
file_write fix file_write test, even though it's a touch redundant Apr 19, 2011
fixupurl remove the misc library, fullscreen now in fullscreen lib, misc.fixup… Feb 10, 2011
frame_buster clean Mar 27, 2011
fullscreen Clean Mar 27, 2011
iframe_custom_events allow application code to emit events into web code. closes #123 Jun 7, 2011
iframe_dig Fixing tests, removing the DOM approach to work with CommonJS workaro… Apr 28, 2011
iframe_inheritance augment iframe_inheritance tests to clearly indicate desired and actu… Nov 9, 2010
iframe_injection rework iframe injection test to work with current apis Apr 28, 2011
iframe_zoom DOM node zooming, closes #120 Jun 6, 2011
loader Example of using cuddlefish directly to load and unload script from t… May 17, 2011
many_iframes add a new test which has iframes embedded in iframes embedded in page… Nov 9, 2010
menu minor menu fixes: remove ui/ dir, source organization will be address… Apr 28, 2011
menu_not appinfo can tell if you dont want a menu. Default is to have. Mar 27, 2011
mimeTypes a simple test/demonstration of the 'mime' library Feb 9, 2011
modules now chromeless apps can include their own modules. closes #64 May 11, 2011
new_window augment the new_window test to launch application code in a new windo… May 10, 2011
noscript landing frame, fullscreen, and no script which uses onload and page l… Mar 27, 2011
onload clean Mar 27, 2011
progress_events E-reader update May 29, 2011
request manually bring in four modules from addon-kit (under addon-sdk) that … Feb 2, 2011
requirejs a simple example that uses a patched version of requirejs in chromeless May 31, 2011
resizable implement menubar and resizable properties in appinfo.json. Closes #55. Feb 15, 2011
resize fix resize test Apr 18, 2011
simple_storage even though I'm not really happy with the simple-storage API, it's im… Feb 14, 2011
target_top a simple test for target=top links embedded in iframes, related to is… Mar 28, 2011
window_title add a simple test of the bug where nested iframes are affecting windo… Jun 10, 2011